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Carl Icahn …… danger ahead for the U.S Economy


Carl Icahn, billionaire and businessman, warns of a topple of the U.S. Government if it leaves things untouched and status quo.  Watch this informative video.

  1. Risky Investments being encouraged on Wall Street.
  2. High taxation of 35% on companies willing to bring money back into the U.S economy.
  3. Federal Reserve keeping the interest at a low of 0% only creates false bubbles in Real Estate and other Industrial sectors.
  4. Politicians are abusing the system in Washington D.C.
  5. Middle class families paying high taxes.
  6. Rich paying low taxes or evading the tax system.
  7. Large companies are guilty of slick financial engineering to show false returns and profits to their investors.  He calls them “fallacious earnings.”

Carl Icahn feels that Donald Trump’s run for President at such a time as this may work for him, as the people of this nation want a different direction desperately.

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