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Walmart CEO talks about strategy for growth in coming years


A lot of growth is coming Walmart’s way. With over $1 Billion invested into technology and growth parameters, Walmart is focusing on improving the shopping experience for the daily customer. There are also plans to raise employment wages to $10 per hour. There are also other shopping conveniences coming the customer’s way on easy pick up of groceries and home delivery.

Despite a stock plunge, Walmart is positioning itself to make giant steps in the retail industry.  Walmart CEO Doug McMillon wants his share holders to invest in the company long term. He says there is going to be definite stock appreciation long term as Walmart entrenches itself deeper in the retail industry as the undeniable King of Retail.

But the market trend as usual is skeptical, they want to wait and watch how much of this actual do and not just talk. With the retail industry being fiercely competitive, Walmart cannot promise dividends on its shares but can definitely promise stock appreciation. With a sluggish economy, only time will tell how much of appreciation Walmart’s stock will see.

For now there is a positive aura around Walmart and Whether investors would be willing to buy and hold is a $1.5 Billion question.



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