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Vacation Videos – Make them memorable! Tips!


Just like how you choose your vacation spots carefully remember to also take vacation videos to make memories. Remember video files are large, so take selective scenes, include all of the family members in brief video clips that you think are going to be memorable and funny.  Then delete the rest of the files, those that are jittery, shaky and blurred. Keep the good ones, the really good ones.

  1. Capture interesting sights that makes you go “Wow, I wish the world can see this, what I am seeing!” Get it on film, don’t wait another moment.
  2. When you are having loads of fun, it is great to get it on film so your friends can laugh too, let them share your fun through a video.
  3. If you have children and must film them, make sure they are in a good mood and having fun.
  4. Sometimes, brief clips on your off mood children, can make interesting watching. Don’t film a squealing child, that will turn off your viewers.
  5. Use different angles / views for each shot. Plan it ahead of time. Start to think like a film maker, a director. It will start improving the way you film.
  6. Have your family members say something, a few lines about the trip, when they are having the most fun or just after.
  7. Water scenes on the beach or a lake are great, but keep it decent.
  8. Take the local culture, food, sounds and sights, mix it in with your vacation video.
  9. Avoid distant scenes, unless it is a volcano about to erupt, that can be spectacular.

Send us your photos to: creativeadsforyou@yahoo.com We will post it on our Facebook page: America Talks Today.

Also send us your videos we may carry them on our site. But don’t try too hard, just remember to be natural. Let your camera see what you see! Simple as that.

Use common sense and good judgement. Let the good films roll!


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